New support forum

Added by Simon Templer over 1 year ago

For a long time, the data harmonisation panel and specifically the Redmine installation at was the home to hale studio. More than 1.400 people registered there over the course of six years and posted questions on INSPIRE and other standards. For reasons such as that no one maintained the existing infrastructure anymore, we have moved most resources away from Redmine over the course of the last year:

1. The hale studio source code and issue tracking is now hosted at GitHub
2. The end user and developer documentation has moved to
3. The hale support board is now moved to

The new forum pretty much looks like other discussion sites. It offers threaded discussion on one single board, where you can post anything related to hale studio, hale connect, inspire gis and data harmonisation in general. What’s special about it is that it is fully integrated with hale connect, our cloud platform for collaborative data modelling and transformation. When you register at the forum, you automatically get a free account to hale connect as well.

Step by step, we will integrate functions that are only available inside hale connect, such as discussions on individual cells of hale studio projects, with the public forum. We look forward to see more focused and effective teamwork on issues such as challenging transformation projects!

We keep the old forum around for reference, but all topics have been migrated to the new forum, so you will find everything there.

Happy transforming!

[Visit the new forum]