3D Pilot Netherlands

Abstract: This project is initiated by the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM), the Kadaster (national cadastre and mapping agency), Geonovum (the National Spatial Data Infrastructure executive committee in the Netherlands responsible for geo-standards) and the Netherlands Geodetic Commission (coordinates and initiates fundamental and strategic research in geodesy and geo-information). These organisations have observed that 3D information in Netherlands is very diverse and used in specific applications only. Additionally, the existing OGC standard for 3D models (CityGML) is rarely used. It was realised that there is a need for a national standard to support the large amount of 3D applications. In the 3D pilot, a uniform approach for 3D geo-information modelling, exchange and use is empirically explored in collaboration with stakeholders from more than 60 companies, institutions and research organisation. The project is aiming at national agreements on standards and technologies. The project is coordinated by 4 WG. The WG responsible for the standards is investigating (among others) the mapping between the Dutch Information Models and CityGML. The HUMBOLDT tool HALE is extensively used in this task.

Web site: http://www.geonovum.nl/dossiers/3d-pilot
Paper in English: http://www.gdmc.nl/publications/2010/3D_Geo-Information_Standard_Netherlands.pdf